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Since a long time photography is my passion.

It started as an hobby with my first SLR. While after while i got more knowledge and also much more equipment like medium and large format cameras, studioflashes and a own photographic laboratory. Meanwhile technics developed tremendously and of course today my workflow is digital and all refinement is done with the computer.

Nowerdays modern cameras offer a lot of important settings automaticly so everyone who can hold a camera straight thinks he could photograph as well. But a lot of things about aperture, time, exposure, depth of field a photographer had to know in former times is still very important today. Especially at events and weddings it is about a fraction of a second and the right know how determines wheater you get a good or a poor picture.

I would like to take pictures of your event or wedding, portrait or familypicture, nude or application photo. I realize your own ideas and make them look great. I would like to realize Your wishes and exceed Your expectations.


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Mario C. Escherle

Am Rambusch 26

67731 Otterbach

Mob: +176 77055400



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